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Legal representative in Brazil of the interests of the shipowner or charterer, we develop the necessary activities for the entry, stay and exit of vessels in the port. Such activities range from communicating and paying fees at official bodies to hiring service providers such as tugboats, pilotage, crew assistance, among other activities related to agency.

Reliance has professionals with full knowledge of port regulations and commercial practices and is able to offer shipowners a wide range of maritime agency services, acting as a consignee and/or protector, meeting the needs of the ship, officers, crew and passengers. These services include boarding and disembarking, transfers to airports, obtaining entry and exit visas, medical services and clearance with the port authority for loading and unloading spare parts.

In the figure of the maritime agent, all other port workers involved, including exporters, shippers, importers, transport and storage companies, customs brokers, customs terminals for various types of cargo, port operators, find the necessary support to meeting its business objectives.

The entire operation is planned in advance in order to keep the ship in port for the shortest possible time, reducing stay costs without any loss in efficiency.

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