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ISO 9001.

Reliance has ISO 9001, an internationally recognized standard in over 170 countries and active in millions of companies. In summary, this norm has as its main function the guarantee of improvement in the processes and performance of the service provided, creating standards that enable the best quality regardless of setbacks. Thus, ensuring greater customer satisfaction in the final delivery of the port service.

Mutual Assistance Plan (PAM) - Port of Santos

The Mutual Aid Plan (PAM) of the Port of Santos is an agreement coordinated by the SPA that establishes the sharing of human and material resources among its associates in the response to major emergencies in the Organized Port of Santos. Currently, the plan has 39 members.

It can be triggered by the Fire Department or any of its associates in the event of an accident that may reach areas beyond the location itself, or when there is a need for additional resources to control and mitigate the emergency. To join PAM, the interested company must have a direct relationship with the port operation, be located or operate within the PAM area of ​​operation and, among other requirements, have the minimum material and human resources to be shared with other members in accident case.

In addition to this, other similar plans operate in the Port of Santos region, such as the Mutual Assistance Plan of Guarujá (PAMG), the Integrated Emergency Plan (PIE) of the Brazilian Association of Liquid Terminals (ABTL) and the PAM of Cubatão, with which the Port of Santos PAM has integration and cooperation mechanisms.